Looking for Gymnastics Consignment?

If you are looking for gymnastics materials at an affordable price, gymnastics consignment may be the way for you to go. There are benefits and advantages for buyers and sellers. Here are a few of each to help you get started today!


  • Buyers have a variety of brands to choose from.
  • Prices are lower, compared to buying new.
  • Environmentally conscience? Old clothes are being used again.
  • Top conditions are guaranteed.
  • New merchandise all the time.

Advantages for Selling:

  • Children grow quickly, so you’ll let another kid wear that almost new leotard.
  • Consignments take out the effort of finding buyers.
  • Money for new leotards.
  • It is a safe way to sell clothing and ensure top quality condition.
  • Fees help you make some money.

When searching for high-quality leotards, at an affordable price, a consignment can be the best way to do it. It can be difficult to pay for leotards as your children continue to grow. They may only use a new leotard for a season, or even half a season, before they have grown out of it. Don’t force your children to wear an uncomfortable leotard when competing or training. It will take away from their ability and make them self-conscience of an ill-fitting leotard. Leotards from a company that provides consignment can be beneficial to you and your children. You want to give them the best, so why not start here?

Reasons Why Consignments Stores are the Best

Here are just a few more reasons on why consignment stores are the best, not only for gymnastics leotards, but for much more!

  • Durability of Clothes. If the clothes look good, they must be durable. A consignment store will not sell anything that does not meet their standards of like-new clothing. So, the clothes they are selling must be long-lasting if they are used and still look new!
  • Bargains. Sales, sales, sales! You can get top quality clothing for a fraction of its original price. Just because someone wore an outfit once or twice, doesn’t take away from how great it is, and at that price? It’s unbeatable!
  • Variety. What they have in stock tends to move quickly, so there are always new things in store. It’s not the same old, same old, that you see in department stores. There is always something new and exciting!

Consignment Train

Consignments have an unlimited amount of possibilities. There are many benefits and advantages for you, and your little athlete. If you are ready to jump on the consignment train, as either a seller or buyer, or both, then check out Garland Activewear today!

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