Perfect Sizing Tips for Girls Gymnastics Leotards

The perfect girls gymnastics leotards start with the perfect sizing! No matter how great a leotard looks, if it does not fit properly it’s the wrong leotard. Getting the fit right whether it’s for competition or work outs is vital to the success of the gymnast. Girls gymnastic leotards that do not fit properly are an uncomfortable distraction which detracts from their ability to learn and perform.

Getting the Size Right
The first thing you should do to ensure proper fit is to utilize a provider that offers “true to fit” sizing. Do keep in mind that the fit is affected by a few factors that are out of your control like:

  • Elasticity of the material
  • Proper measurements
  • Style of the leotard

The material plays a critical role in how well the leotard will fit. The more stretch the material has the more leeway you will have with the fit.

Proper Measurement is the Key
When you are fitting a girl for a leotard there are a few key measurements you want to take:

  • The bust
  • The waist
  • The torso
  • The hips

You will want to take these measurements by following the tips below:

  • Have the child stand straight
  • Ask her to raise her arms up for the torso waist and hip measurement
  • Record the measurements by moving ½ inch up to the next number

Taking the proper measurements is vital to getting the perfect fit. Remember these three tips and you will be able to choose the leotard that fits perfectly:

  • Depending on the girl’s body style if they are hovering between two sizes it is typically best to choose the next size. This serves two purposes, they will have enough room to grow and get some use out of the leotard and the one size larger will likely feel more comfortable.
  • Keep in mind that the style will affect the fit. For girls with larger busts than hip consider a racerback or other style that offers more support.
  • Use the girth as the guiding sizing measurement. When the other areas of measurement do not exactly match the sizes that are offered, use the girth as the deciding factor when choosing the size.
  • Garland Activewear makes choosing the best size easy because they offer a wide selection, comprehensive size charts and a true-to-size fit.

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