Steps to Ensuring the Proper Fit when Ordering Girls Gymnastics Leotards

When it comes to purchasing leotards for gymnastics there are a variety of styles, cuts, patterns, colors, and fabrics to select from. However, when choosing girls gymnastics leotards, it is important to purchase the right size for the gymnast. While you may believe that you know what size to choose, it will depend on the type of fabric and cut used on how the body suit will fit. If the outfit is too tight for the individual, the leotard can affect how they perform and can even restrict their movement. While a body suit that is too loose can slip during the performance to interfere with completing a move flawlessly. If the outfit does not fit properly, it can leave the individual feeling uncomfortable while they are trying to practice or perform a routine. Before purchasing leotards, it is important to measure the girl’s body to ensure you select the right size for them.

How to Measure Correctly

  • When measuring for girls gymnastics leotards, you want to measure their chest by wrapping a tape measure around the biggest part of their chest.
  • The waist is another area that you should measure with a measuring tape when checking what size to purchase.
  • When checking the measurements for the torso, you will need to measure from the top of the person’s shoulder down to their groin area and back up.
  • When measuring the hips, you should measure the widest and largest part of the individual’s lower body. This is the area where the buttocks are to ensure the leotard is not too small to slip over their hips.
  • Another important factor to remember when measuring the body, the individual should not be wearing baggy or thick clothing that can affect how the measurements come out.

Verify the Size with a Sizing Chart

To ensure their customers order the right size of leotard, Garland Activewear provides a size chart on their website to help determine which size to purchase. If you are still unsure of which one to order, their friendly staff will gladly help you determine which is the right size for your body. They offer a variety of cuts and fabrics to help each customer obtain a leotard that fits their body correctly and minimizes the risk of being too large or small. Visit their site today to learn how you can find a custom-made leotard to perform in.